This is my rant page!

Just another veteran yelling at the world. I hope that someone can hear me and feels the same!

I want to move the world to a safe place where there are no more abuses to veterans and lying politicians get what they deserve!

I want to start a movement of Non-Commissioned Officers to move the country to a better place!

I want to correct the misperception of veterans in the Media!

I want this movement of N.C.O.’s, men and women veterans, to step up and work to take the V.A. back from politicians!

I want N.C.O.’s of the World to say NO to the abuses!

No to destroying the world for some ideal or greed!

We N.C.O.’s  out number the criminal rulers of the world!

We can make this world a better place!

Step up with me!



Anyway… Enjoy my rants. I promise not to be politically correct!

If you can help, please see my GoFundme site here;


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