Aaaahhhh… the sounds of Crickets…

Yes… I’m ranting again… I see so much crap today about the gov doing this hearing and that hearing.. and they seem to have rules about conduct on the floor… be gentlemen and women on the floor. Camel spit! Not one of them (or so few they are invisible to the cameras) have any “Honor” or moral compass in the government we supposedly vote into office. I said “Honor” in quotes because I feel that is the main problem humanity has today. We have forgotten what “Honor” really is.

I see politicians stand up to the people and Out Right Lie as if it was the truth. Why!? Has the Class of politician become so corrupt that we have lost total control of the country? Are we living in the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, or another Soviet Socialist State? I thought we had won that battle in the ’80’s, or was that just a ruse by the NWO groups. I noticed that the pres has all but given in to all our enemies like Cuba and Iran and don’t forget Russia and the ISIS group (or Isil as he likes to say it), Maybe he wasn’t giving into OUR enemies but freeing his friends from our bullying. Kinda what he said wasn’t it?

I did say NWO. Now everyone will think I’m a crack pot or crazy… or conservative.. oh, how scary. The truth seems to be coming out more openly lately though. Even the Pope recently said it. We should support the NWO. So why now? Why does everything seem to be speeding up in the world. Why is the pres and others pushing for a race war now. Why all the shootings lately?

I ask and hear nothing but the sounds of crickets.


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