So tired…

Been very busy lately with doctor appts. for me and my girlfriend who has HHT. Look it up sometime… She had surgery to stop some bleeding and will go back in in 2 months for another surgery for some AVM’s in her lungs. We really are both a mess physically… fibromyalgia, HHT, PTSD, and we both have back issues. We are so much fun! lol. I laugh when inside I cry! Still waiting for V.A. for some word on my appeal. I will probably be waiting till my death for something from them. This is one part of going to war the polititons don’t want to pay for after the fighting is done… It takes money away from their own projects and pockets. So the Vets get screwed over by them and the companies making money on the war. Burn pits, anthrax vaccines, nerve agents pills, loading nuclear weapons with the radiation exposure, depleted uranium ammo. cancer causing gas and other chemicals we work with on a daily basis. This is just the self inflicted to us, and then there are the bullets, rockets and mortars shot at us.

I will end this here… even our dog has been sick lately and woke me up at 2am and 6am this morning and I see myself rambling.

Thanks for listening and please help if you can!



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