Oh boy! Here it comes!

Does it seem like the killings and Wall Street scares seem to be coming faster and faster? Well, I’m sure it seems that way to those of us who watch the news and pay attention to world happenings. I’m sure my new VA shrink I will meet on Wednesday will tell me to turn it all off and “meditate”. I have probably watched myself into a crazy place and need to post more. I was yesterday thinking that I will just work on getting a new place and work on funding… lol… Funding… I mean looking at my empty checking account 10X’s a day hoping for a miracle, that someone makes a mistake and puts money in my account. Hell, I can’t stop myself from getting mad at all the stupid shit going on, how can they think I would dumb myself down and be a sheep?

I don’t know when I will have to stop blogging. Sometime next month, so I can use this forum to “let go” my hate and keep the shrink happy! A Happy Shrink, A Happy Veteran! Right? Maybe the VA can zombie-fy me with more drugs.

Spread the word to be safe, my friends! Keep your eyes up! Get some protection. Your girlfriend and/or family will appreciate it!

Signed once again


See my Gofundme campaign and help if you can. Thanks and God Bless!



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