What will it take?

Everyday, it seems to me anyway, a new V.A. scandal surfaces. Why? Why now? If it isn’t the V.A. then it is gun issues. Closure threats. Cop on black. black on white, white on black. hispanics on white. white on hispanics. muslim on christian. rich on poor. With all the people out to get the other.

I think we have a humanity issue.

We are still fighting the other clan mentalities, a genetic, ingrained, not going away any time soon, problem.

We have forgotten we were beasts once. The left try to hide and deny that fact and the right try to forget but revel in it.

What is the answer for all of this?

There isn’t one!

We humans have to admit we are human! This crap will continue till the end of the world and maybe forever. No one will find the perfect peace that so many envision. It may not end till one clan is the only one left or the only humans left are on a nuclear winter world fighting just to survive. Mad Maxx comes to mind.

The whole illuminati bull crap theories all end up with WW3. Which makes no sense at all, because they have to know that they will die too. So what would be the purpose. Hell on earth? Hmmmm. How would that work out for anyone?

Nope… the hell on this planet is what we do to each other in the name of religion, race or greed.

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever



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