My heart is heavy

Had my son this weekend. The whole weight of my moving away from him is over shadowing his thoughts. We worked together going through toys to throw away old toys and deciding which to stay here and which moves to new home. Broke my heart to watch him trying to say something about this move. I kept trying to reassure him that I still loved him and would get him out there to spend time with me. He was concerned about which room he would get at the new home. I told him I would send pictures so he could decide which one he got. When he was leaving with his stepdad he stood there for a few second looking back at our apartment as if he had something to say but couldn’t. Broke my heart. I will set up a computer at his home, with a camera so we can skype. Just need to get another camera. (sigh)

Waiting for a call and working toward getting a home. Still don’t have enough to get it done… will need anything you can give in support of me and my family.
Thanks for passing this around. If anyone has an idea to make this work, I would appreciate any help.
Please support me.
God Bless

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever


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