The Journey Forward and the Need for Meditation


bluemeditationA lot has been going on over the past few months. I had a surgical procedure to help stop the bleeding in my nose due to the genetic issue I have known as HHT or Ostler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome. This in turn triggered my migraines again, which I hadn’t had an issue with since my mid 20’s. And I had another surgery in April as well, due to a mass on my left adrenal gland which had to be removed. And they found AVMs on both my lungs, which means another surgery come November if the doctor has his way.

We are trying to buy a house, because people are moving to Colorado by the droves since weed is now legal and the rental prices are going through the roof and we can’t afford to live here anymore. So that means moving to another state. Meaning moving expenses. We have a GoFundMe

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