I mean, WTF!

The whole gun debate really pisses me off.

Goes back to the tribal mentality… the only way to make guns safe is to outlaw all weapons in the world. Who do you trust to destroy all the weapons? Tell me… would you trust every politician, every country, every religion, every criminal to hand over their guns? I bet you can’t say you can. There will always will be someone who thinks they should dictate to you control us for the great good. If you think otherwise… well, I guess you can be a sheep and the rest of us will just try not to hurt your ears as we stop the ones trying to take OUR rights. Oh… and save your ass as well. (Maybe, depends on if you whine or not!)

There is a reason why we are who we are. Don’t forget, this country was created by people with guns who defended us from a King who wanted to control those people who left England and other countries looking for a new life, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to own guns and keep others from controlling us. I like those rights. They seem to work. It made this country the greatest economic power house in the world! Everyone wanted to come here to BE Americans! Now everyone just wants our benefits, jobs and health care… which was the best because of our Rights! Why is everyone trying to take away what worked and made this country GREAT!

Someone name a socialist or communist country that works and everyone loves. Oh and someone name me a muslim country that isn’t a total shit hole. I mean, really… why isn’t everyone running to move to Iraq or Iran. I hear Syria is nice this time of year! (cough) Nope… Everyone wants to move to the U.S. To escape hell.

Hmmm… so tell me… why to you want to take away OUR 2nd Amendment!

Thanks for listening,

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever
One apissedoffveteran!


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