Brutal? Someone said that protesters were brutally removed from Trump event. Brutal would be getting dragged out by your nuts. Get over it and act human people. This shit is all orchestrated by socialist bigots and liberals are being lead by the nose rings. Idiots. This is what you get libs. You think you are fighting for yourselves but your not. You are fighting for the same nazi, communist, controlling, war mongering assholes who started dominating the world 120 years ago. They are the ones that will kill you off for being “unfit” and not “socially viable”. They will use you and then kill you after they are done with you. Socialism doesn’t work! If it did… wouldn’t you be moving there! Tell me one socialist country you think works! Now move there. Get out! The rest of you! Get educated on the truth! Not the lies of a corrupt system. Having you figured it out yet? The liberal movement is lead by old white people out to use you a fodder and make more money and take more control. When have they ever made life better? When has Black lives mattered to them. Never. Time is almost up!

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever


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