I didn’t want to start this way, but…

Hello people of the blog ‘o sphere.

I must first say that, yes, I’m a pissed off veteran. Like many of us pissed off veterans, I need to vent to the world because my shrink says I need a healthy outlet. preferably not in violent way and away from others. Yes, I’m sure I’m categorized as one of those. As a Veteran, I have dealt with the V.A. and I’m still fighting for the help and that was told I was due, but alas, it is a struggle just to get rating. Below is an article about the VA that shows what the government feels about us. They just whore us out for their wars and let us die in the streets at home. I’m surprised they even bring us back to the U.S..

But here is my real issue with all of this crap. As every NCO knows, WE, not THEM, make the sh*t work. Not the officers, bean counters, Senators, Congressmen or the Commander and Chiefs! So why is it that we let these lessor mortals take charge of our government and V.A.? We NCO’s have failed to follow through and fix this. We let the Officers take control of our health care and the government which they seem unable to make work. We take care of our own on the battlefield and I know we can do better than the Offish*ters that are in charge there now! Why don’t we step up to the line and fix this ourselves?

We are watching sh*t going down hill towards us and it is picking up speed because the sh*tee doesn’t care for us or this country and their time is short. I want to know if anyone cares! I want to hear rants fired back at me. I can face them all and fire back at the libsh*ters out there! I want to hear from those who believe as I do! I need to hear the answers to our problems if you got them! We need to help ourselves in OUR COUNTRY!

I will stop this rant here before I get too worked to sleep. I hope there is others out there who hear me and believe the same. Talk to me. I want to hear it LOUD!



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