Sorry I’ve been gone! But….

Hello everyone! I’ve been pretty upset lately due to the death of brothers of mine in the cowardly attack and killing of the Marines and Sailor. But it was the worse response from the White House calling this a ‘Lone Wolf’ non Islamic Jihadi attack on our military members that had me to the point of exploding in anger. How anyone can see this for anything than it was, an attack buy islamic extremist in our county, has no attachment to the real world. I have traveled to the middle east 7 times in support of DS/DS, ONW 2x, OSW 2x, OIF1 and OIF2 and I have found myself thinking that Islam is nothing more than a religion in name only and is used to control the populations of islamic countries and to advance that control to all the world. I have to voice this!  My brother in arms are being attacked on OUR HOMELAND! When are people going to wake up to this!

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