How to get control back from socialist and snowflakes.

Liberalism is a is a psychological mental defect that can be treated with proper education, but in some cases drugs or institutionalization is necessary. Many cases of this mental issue can be controlled by keeping the snowflakes from breeding and making more of themselves. Not too surprising is the fact that the socialist do intend to euthanize all the snowflakes after they get into power and control all aspects of human life. So the snowflakes are trying to empower the people who want to kill them all in the end anyway, “for the Earth”. This is why the education system, media and free speech in the US is in desperate need for change, to stop the snowflake’ismist programming of our children. All foreign. government. communist, socialist, democratic and fascist groups in this country using the free speech of our constitution to destroy our country from within, need to be shut down now. All liberal education institutions need to be shut down and the professors (who work for a foreign government, it seems, anyway) need to be sent to the soviet union for re-education. All media and Hollywood liberals need to spend the next 5 years in a socialist country (without their money) and see what they are promoting. Obama and his controllers, need to be stopped from starting a war with Russia, that they are planning (with Russia, by the way), because of Hillary’s loss and the destruction of the Demoliberalcrats. This was their last shot at the control and destruction our country, because people are now awake to the problem. The Soviet Union never stopped wanting to control the world… the socialist never stopped wanting to control the world. Why we stopped trying to stop them here in America is amazing to me. They moved into our country Legally and have been working from the inside under the guise of educators, liberals, democrats and greenies, using the free speech to get control of us. WAKE UP!


Karma bitches! It will catch up to you too!

If you hadn’t done anything wrong then there wouldn’t be anything to release through Wikileaks! Dumbasses! Hillary for Prison and add Obama as well! First Amendment you traitorous criminal Corporations. You will be the bitch to the Karma you preach.

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever

Why isn’t the VA getting better!


Oh, NOW the VA wants to punish Diana Rubens for scamming the hiring system after her demotion was already overturned?

This new wave of accountability is too little, too late. ‪#‎VAaccountability‬

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on Tuesday said it had reprimanded the director of its Philadelphia benefits office and proposed cutting her pay by 10 percent to punish her for arranging her own transfer to the job in 2014.
The only way to make this work is to get rid of the unionization of the gov. It gives them to much power to steal and not work and not get fired!
Why has she not been fired?
How is this case not in Federal Court for the theft?
Why is she not in jail?
Can you say “Union”. Why would they arrest her… she is one of them… and she “Pays” the union leadership. If this was really going to be fixed, they would be investigating themselves… and they don’t want that! This just another reason for the bureaucracy to be changed from the top down and end the unions altogether. It was always just another scam to get money and control for the rich by stealing from the workers. This has been going on for 100+ years.
This crap is coming out of the shadows now because the leadership forgot one rule. “You have to keep the system in the black and not go into debt because then the system collapses and the people then get mad.”
Oh I will catch hell for this one.
Someone will say something about me having been a part of this union system and have profited from these union rules. This is not really the case as I was Medically retired for a legitimate injury to my back. But this also helps my case for the removal of this unionized system of bureaucracy as I have been in it and seen part of it first hand!


Shocking letter from VA employee calls for an investigation into the “full scope of the atrocities committed daily” at the Phoenix VA.

“The general public doesn’t know what’s really going on.” ‪#‎VAaccountability‬

A shocking statement from a man who not only works on the inside, but he was also one of the whistle-blowers who got the feds to take a closer look at the Phoenix VA Hospital.
Why?! I get so tired seeing this again and again.


Brutal? Someone said that protesters were brutally removed from Trump event. Brutal would be getting dragged out by your nuts. Get over it and act human people. This shit is all orchestrated by socialist bigots and liberals are being lead by the nose rings. Idiots. This is what you get libs. You think you are fighting for yourselves but your not. You are fighting for the same nazi, communist, controlling, war mongering assholes who started dominating the world 120 years ago. They are the ones that will kill you off for being “unfit” and not “socially viable”. They will use you and then kill you after they are done with you. Socialism doesn’t work! If it did… wouldn’t you be moving there! Tell me one socialist country you think works! Now move there. Get out! The rest of you! Get educated on the truth! Not the lies of a corrupt system. Having you figured it out yet? The liberal movement is lead by old white people out to use you a fodder and make more money and take more control. When have they ever made life better? When has Black lives mattered to them. Never. Time is almost up!

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever


Personal update. Va finally came back with a ruling on my back. 10%. I can’t stand for more than 15 min at a time. This gets me nothing. But someone got a bonus at the v.a.. I know the system is bad. I know it is rigged against me. But really. It is time for all vets to stand up! Time for us to fight back against the bureaucrats. Time for us to take back the government from them and help all our brothers and sisters with the help they need! Time to march on washington and take the government back!

C.D. Canada
TSgt U.S. Air Force Retired
462/2W1 Forever

WTF is wrong with these people

 Thanks for FBN and Varney & Co for sharing this info coming out of the DOJ.
LMAO… she has the liberal mental disorder. I think we need to have all of them tested for mental abnormalities and an IQ test for they are F*#% nuts. How does calling something a different name help the situation or fix the issue? 
Varney & Co.
Loretta Lynch says we can no longer use the term “juvenile delinquents.” They should be referred to as “justice involved youth.”

What do you think about this??

Varney & Co.'s photo.